Birmingham Bass Masters
         Birmingham, Alabama
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Club Tournament Rules

1. All Club Tournaments are Draw Events.

2. Any member that cannot attend Draw Night, but wants to be  entered into the event, must personally contact a member of the Tournament Committe.

3. Launch location, launch Time and Weigh-in time will be announced by the Tournament Committe at the Club Meeting prior to the Tournament.

4. No Club Member may fish with another Club Member in more than One (1) Club tournament per year.

5. Tournament Committe Members officiate the Tournaments.

6. Protest or reports of tournament Violations must be reported in person to the Tournament Chairman prior to weigh-in.

7. All boats must be in sight of the launch site at weigh-in time.

8. Life jackets must be worn anytime main engine is above Idle Speed.

9. A limit of five (5) fish per tournament.

10. Minimum length is twelve (12) inches.

11. All fishing must be on designated reservoir.

12. Kill Switches must be worn anytime main motor is running.

13. Tournament lakes are Off Limits from 12:00 Midnight the Wednesday prior to the tournament day.

14. Any violation of Club Rules by a Member will result in disqualification from tournament and may result in further actions by Membership Committee.

15. Any conditions not covered by the Club Rules will be decided by the Tournament Committe.

16. All tournaments will start with an "EASE OFF" type start in numerical order.

17.The non-boater is responsible for half of tournament trip expenses.

18. All boaters are required to have proof of Liabilty Insurance.

19. Possession of any illegal substance while going to, during or returning from a Club Tournament will result in immediate termination of membership.

20. The use of Alcohol during tournament hours is discouraged.